Ecological Wallpaper Paste

Universal ecological wallpaper paste. For light, medium or heavy non-woven or paper-based wallpaper (± 25 M2). Excellent for crafts and paper mache.


Preparation: Surface must be solid, dry and clean.
Processing: Stir the powder evenly and without lumps in cold water. Let it swell

for 1 hour and stir well again. Prime walls first (see table on packaging).

For non-woven wallpaper, apply the wall generously with paste and then apply the wallpaper in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Work extra carefully along the seams and edges.

Dry-time: 24/48 hours. Process paste within 3 days (store cool). Remove stains with clean, damp cloth, do not rub. Clean tools with water. Composition: Cellulose. Keep packaging cool, dry and out of the reach of children. Usable 24 months after purchase. Compostable or dispose with your household waste.

Not suitable for vinyl (foam) wallpaper.

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